Our Cancer Fight

In late June 2023 Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. The cancer was classified as Stage 3, which means that it had spread to her lymph nodes but not to other organs or the brain. Since July I have split my time between New York and North Carolina to help her through this tough period. I also chose to be unemployed to give my undivided attention to the situation.

In mid-April 2024, Mom decided to enter palliative-only, home hospice care. I have been in North Carolina since that time (through mid-June) working with Gentiva Hospice to place her in a long term skilled nursing facility.

For more details see The Whole Story page.

A Helping Hand


Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to our "pass the hat". Mom and I are so, so thankful. Special shout-outs to my brother Amen, "KRT", Eiichi, Philippe, Carina, Sam, Andrew, Bernie & Robyn, Bill & Elizabeth, and Joe & Steve. 

If you'd like to help us during our lung cancer fight, here are our most pressing needs.

Transportation ($1766 received of $2750 goal)

Status: We're re-opening this effort so we can ensure Mom has total independence getting to/from various medical facilities. This need has expanded as we've now had 2 unexpected hospital stays. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, it means the world to us.

Why this? Unfortunately I do not drive, and we are unsure about how comfortable Mom will feel driving once radiation treatments begin. There are no public transportation options available from our county. (Yay, America.)

The cost to/from the medical center is $20 one way, or $40 round trip.  We will be taking at least 30 trips for treatment so you do the math... If you'd like to donate an Uber or Lyft gift card of any denomination (to my email address tennisbear@gmail.com), we'd be much appreciative.

Medical Costs

A significant expense is from deductible and copay payments. Each time we go in for a chemo infusion, CT scan, or PET scan it costs $300. Regular specialist visits cost $25 to $50. Some of her new medications also have deductibles approaching $50.

If you'd like to contribute to covering Mom's medical costs, you can send money through me in any of these ways:


We are relying on Walmart and meal delivery services a lot during this time. While I'm big on supporting local businesses, I understand the limitations of being in suburban North Carolina so we'll stick with the "big guns" here (to my email address tennisbear@gmail.com).

Other Stuff

Here is a nice list of Thoughtful Gifts for Individuals with Cancer. Email or text me if you have any questions about possibly sending items from that list. (A reminder that we are fighting lung cancer, whose ribbon color is "pearl" or white rather than the pink signifying breast cancer.)

Wanna send a small bouquet of flowers (she loves lavender and smiley faces)? Please arrange with our local florist A Bouquet From Sweet Nectar from their website or call 910-805-8683.

For flowers and other deliveries the address is:
Marian Walker, 435 Hawthorne Loop Rd, Apt. 306, Leland, NC 28451 (please give me fair warning at 917-553-2812 or tennisbear@gmail.com